Have you invested in outdoor marketing?

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Have you invested in outdoor marketing?

Waiting at a bus stop, walking out of the shop or even stuck at the traffic lights you will see examples of outdoor marketing from numerous high street and independent retailers. Having your brand out in public for everyone to see is going to further enhance your chances to increase your potential customer base.

The purpose of outdoor marketing is simple, catch as many people in one location as possible. This is achieved through a variety of methods, but most importantly creative and eye catching designs.

Types of Outdoor Marketing

The selection of outdoor marketing is vast and includes various outlets such as flags, banners, sandwich boards and large prints. All can be effective, and the greatest thing about them is being able to place them pretty much wherever you want. Most companies will utilise them outside of their business to attract and draw attention. However using large prints can draw customers from a nearby location.

Many of our clients are based across Norfolk and Suffolk however a great example of work we have completed is with Hughes Electricals in Great Yarmouth. They utilise outdoor marketing outside of their store in the form of banners, flags and large prints. However, they also utilise large prints within Great Yarmouth town centre, as well as its nearby train station. Both providing a chance to attract new custom.

Our success stories

At SPP Digital we have been lucky enough to build up a solid reputation in the Norfolk and Suffolk area providing some of the areas most well known companies assistance with their marketing material. Companies such Haven Holiday Parks which are dotted around the coast have used a range of our products from banners to billboard and flags to sandwich boards either at their local site, or in the local area to promote their summer campaigns.

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